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Sample Messages From Angels

Jan 2014
Good Morning, God,  (my question) 
I come to you this am to write for insight.  There are many times I think of You as being outside of me and I know that is not the case.  I would like to understand better how to become closer to You, so that I do not fall into human ways of thinking?
(my response is in italic
Dearest Cheryl,
It is time that you understand for your own personal reasons how to deepen your connection to the I am.  
You have a love within your heart that is biger than life itself.   You have started to tap into it more and more lately, but there is so much more to darling child, is I am. Your divine nature is to want to help people.  It is also important that you help others see the good/joy/talents within themselves.  Making them feel good about themselves spreads light and love.
Now when you go within your heart, you find peace.  The deeper you go in, the stronger the peace and love is that you find.  There is no one button to push for all to be revealed--however, you are embarking on a new way to look at your life with greater clarity. 
Love and beauty are yours always,
Your God 
thank you

Dec. 31, 2013
Dear Angels,
What can you share to get me started on the right path as this new 2014 starts? 
You are exactly where you need to be on your life's journey to reach the goals you have placed for yourself.  You will have your book done by the end of the year, if you continue to have this level  of commitment and focus.  With your "to do" list, you will constantly be fine tuning your goals and will see accomplishments accumulate.  Let us help you with your list going forward.  Start with quick, short term goals, then do projected goals that take more time.  We will also help with explanations that warrant your time being spent differently.  No more putting things off.  That will be a mindset that you can shed because if you forget, you can put it in your notes on your phone for later.  Your time management and efficiency will  increase by leaps and bounds.
Your angels
thank you. 

 Dear Angels, what would you like to teach me today?
Cheryl, we want you to know how patience can give you the answers you seek to life's questions.  We will be glad to see your feelings toward good things to come.  When you see us, we can come as loving friends or true beings of light to those who want/need us.   (thank you.)

Dear Angels, can you give me some information about my Spirit Guide?
Cheryl, there is a spirit guide with you who is named Grentl.  This person is someone who lived a long time ago and has great experience with people of your talent.  He wants to introduce himself to you sometime at a later date and will do so when time is right.  Be assured that you will be pleased with this and never doubt us for any reason.  You are on your way to understanding all that is necessary for doing your life's mission.  We will be here to help you each step of the way.  We are proud of you and love you for your dedication to this writing.  Don't let others discourage you.  You've done well.  Keep it up!    (thank you)

Inspirational Wisdom
Quotes from my writings.....
 "We can provide wisdom of the ages to those seeking it."   written  Feb 2004
    " Keep in mind you are spiritual beings in a short human experience, NOT the other way around."  written Feb 2004
   "Developing your spirit by learning human experiences is the reason you have chosen to come here." written  Feb 2004
  "You have now made the decision to take the escalator as opposed to walking in baby steps." written Feb 2004 

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