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My Background Summary:


*18 years of experience with Spiritual Automatic Writing, (Channeled)

  Messages from Angels, Archangels, guides and loved ones in Heaven. A

        process where I write a question down in a journal, then prayerfully

        request the loving response to the question from a higher vibrational

        spiritual guide. The message comes to me through divine guidance in my

        thoughts which are written down on a wide range of topics such as

        spiritual growth, health, careers, relationships and messages from loved ones

        in Heaven.

*A Published Message of mine can be found in Barbara Mark and Trudy

       Griswold’s book, Heaven & Beyond.

*My first book is currently under way that discusses the point of view of our

       spiritual guides and angels with respect to our human experience. 


*Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher          2013

*Reiki Practitioner offering sessions and distance Reiki


*Certified Personal Organizer  NECCO   2011

*Organize kitchens, rooms, and offices

*Perform Energetic Space Clearing of Old or Negative Energy in Living or

       Business Environments and infuse space with positive love and light.


* Teach Classes (Unity on the River, Amesbury, MA; Eye of the Hawk, Rye, NH;

        Caring Hands, Haverhill, MA; and private classes)

Topics include: Learn to Communicate with Your Angels, 2016-A Year of Miracles, Signs from Angels, Reiki, and various subjects involving the soul’s growth.


General Information:


Successfully facilitated a monthly Spiritual Book Club at “Heaven” in Newburyport, MA

Participant in traditional Native American “Fire Walk”

Practice self-kinesiology and dowsing using a pendulum for guidance

Registered distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

Participated in the BIDMC Celebration of Life in Boston-Volunteered Reiki  2011 – 2014

Participate in periodic Holistic Fairs showcasing my Angel Communications & Reiki

Speak to Nursing Students about Spirituality and Alternative Healing Modalities

Provide spiritual coaching as requested.

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