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Personal Writings    $95.00        

 Personal writings are when a client requests some guidance of a spiritual nature. I receive your question or concern and then, with your permission, I ask the appropriate spiritual being for a response.  The message could come from an angel, archangel, guide or loved one from Heaven.  It will always be from the source that God wants to have connect with you and the message is always for your highest good.  Messages are always positive, loving, insightful and supportive.  These writings are generally a page or so in length and are sent to you via email.  All writings are fully confidential. 


The fee for this is to be paid in advance through a paypal account before the message is sent to your email address.  Please know that I am always available for questions and comments about the writings/letters, if you should need more clarity.  I enjoy hearing the connections and signs that you experience after reading your message.   If this interests you or you would like more information, please contact me at


 Angel Card Messages       $50.00

Angel Card Messages follow the same principle as above, however I have you ask your question.  Using the Archangel Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue, I shuffle the deck and ask my angels for the appropriate card that will help you pertaining to your concern.  The angels always provide the perfect circumstances for your highest good and show me which is best for you.  For example, Archangel Raphael's "Healthy Lifestyle" Card could be chosen for you.  I would write directly to AA Raphael and ask what is the particular message to be given based on your question.  This message is shorter in length, but also very informative.  This message is also sent via email.  All messages are fully confidential. 

The fee for this is paid in advance through a paypal account before the message is sent to your email address.

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Using Usui Reiki, I use this light hands on spiritually guided life force energy to promote the highest good for individuals.  The benefits of a Reiki session can produce relaxation and balance within the energy centers of the body which can help promote the body's natural healing ability.  

$40 per 1/2 hr


Energetic House & Space Clearing 

Working with my Angels & Guides, I use a variety of techniques to remove old/stagnant/negative energy in homes, rooms, or general space that can sometime cause an uneasiness, general fatigue, or sleeping disturbances. Sometimes there are spirits that are trapped between dimensions that need assistance to move on which is not uncommon at all and can be helped by these respectful steps.  The benefits of this clearing process allows your personal space to be infused with positive light and energy to promote creativity, harmony and a general well being.

Pricing starts at $75.00


Certified Personal Organizer 

 Do you need help organizing certain space in your home or office?  I would be happy to help you with some of your projects to clear clutter or put new systems in place.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.



Cheryl's incredible angel readings have been a source of great comfort, clarity and acknowledgement
for me. The readings are so deep and profound that even after a year, I find more nuggets from the angels.
Cheryl's wonderful presence, compassion and kindness are an added bonus! I strongly recommend you get
one done soon!
-Mona Wind